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"Action after the event will not help much" It may not even help! Knowing of the Lucky days, months,years,etc before the advent of benefic influences help us reap a full harvest of benefits. For example, if it is a marriage, the marriage gets fixed and performed with ease and beneficially. If it is an examination, high distinction will be conferred. Knowing of the Unlucky days, months years,etc before the malefic ethereal vibrations effect us help us to avoid evil. Eg: You can avoid falling in love or getting married during the said year or You can avoid buying of a vehicle, house, etc. I will fix the date and time for the important events and occasions of your life. Matching of horoscopes has become a problem now a days! Because the correct data of the bride and bridegroom is a must to fix an accurate day for a successful marriage. This precaution should be taken by the clients itself. Numerologist is not responsible for the failure of the prediction in such cases.
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