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“Half knowledge is more dangerous”. So, I prefer to teach students without prior knowledge of Numerology. Because, I believe in the ultimate result than in the unending research. My father, Prof.B.J.Rao is a commanding personality in the field of Numerology. His books on Predictive Numerology, Question Numerology & Medical Numerology made many people as successful Numerologists. I am doubly lucky to acquire knowledge from him directly by watching his way of dealing with clients with his command over the subject. I realized this science as a “life saver” and a “guide” to the mankind. I started admiring Numerology after watching the accurate predictions of my father that saved and guided his clients in all aspects of their lives. It is like a weather fore-cast and it is up to you whether to follow it or not. Learning this subject may not make you an eminent Numerologist; but makes you read your own or your near ones’ horoscopes. You can maintain your own privacy with the study of Numerology if you don’t like to consult an Astrologer, Palmist or a Numerologist. My method of teaching is purely based on Prof. B. J. Rao’s Numerology. Queries from any other method will not be entertained in my class room.

Students are requested to learn the lessons before attending the next session to avoid confusions. Practice makes a man perfect. The study of Numerology helps you in finding a suitable Education, occupation, profession, business, business partner, life partner and many important aspects of life.