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Advanced Course

Without Case Study: ₹6,000.00
With Case Study: ₹8,000.00
(Only After completion of Basic course)
  1. Wheels of Fate
  • Introduction and significance of the wheels of Fate.
  • Emotional Wheel
  • Intellectual Wheel
  1. Significance of materialistic wheel and combined effect of the three wheels of fate.
  2. Associative vibrations of the Numbers 1-4 and Associative vibrations of the Numbers 5-9.
  3. Simple Predictions based on Associative vibrations.
  4. Simple predictions based on Associate vibrations of an individual.
  5. Orbital Theory of numbers
  • Working of the orbits
  • Practical application of Orbital theory of numbers.
  1. Influence of the nine numbers on an Individual number-Prediction part 1.
  2. Influence of the Years Orbital number on destiny.

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Note : After completion of basic course and passing the test, they will be promoted to advanced course. Certificate will be given to the successful students.

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