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Mrs.T.Pavani Devi

Mrs.T.Pavani Devi


Mrs .T.Pavani Devi, born in 1965 is a Post Graduate in Political Science. She is the youngest daughter of Prof.B.J.Rao and Smt.Akkamambika Devi who are wellknown persons in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Spiritualism, and occult sciences. She was the Secretary, Buddhavarapu Occult Academy, Guntur, for over a decade.

She has proved herself as a brilliant Research Assistant in the Academy under the guidance of her father, and she took special in gathering all the information of every subject from Occult Research papers, and helped in bringing out them as books.

Her books "Signature Foretells" and "Indian Astrology Primer" were released on 22.1.1986 by Dr.N.T.Rama Rao, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Her book "Gemstones for Better luck" was released on 23.1.1986 by Dr.M.Chenna Reddy,Governor of Punjab & Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Dr.N.T.Rama Rao admired and appreciated her in his speech saying "Pavani is the youngest talent of the ancient science"!

She has been awarded with an Hon'ry Title "Jyotirvignana Sharada" by Sri.Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah in a Seminar held by Astrologers' Assn. She took part in several Astrology Seminars and Conferences and presented Papers, spoke on the subjects till she got married in 1988.

She could not continue her active participation in the seminars, etc as she's totally engaged in the family life.

But she continued her habit of writing of books by gathering the research papers from her father.Her book "Hindu Starlore" was released on 24.7.1990 on the eve of Prof.B.J.Rao's Shastipoorthi. The book was released by Dr.Kottapalli Veerabhadra Rao, Dean, Telugu University. She also wrote a book on "Fate Reading from Finger tips" which is available in the National Library, New Delhi.

She has been in the field of Numerology since 1984 and she gained the confidence of the clients in India and abroad.

Last but not the least! She has bagged several prizes in dance, drama, mono-action,light music drawing and lyric writing at District and State level competitions in her childhood. She has been honored with a title "Lalitha Kala Ratna" by Ananthapur Cultural Association.

"Karunasree" wrote an instant poem on her as a token of gift after watching her dance show in Palamaner, Chittoor District.

Prof.B.J.Rao (1930-2006)

Prof.B.J.Rao (1930-2006)

Buddhavarapu Jagannadha Rao's birth place is Visakhapatnam. He graduated from Andhra University, joined as an Entomologist in the Public Health Dept in Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and retired as District Malaria Officer of Guntur. He's an Astro-Numero-Palmist, Telepathist, Hypnotist & Spiritualist.

He's the author of over 20 books on Occult Sciences which were bought and appreciated in 22 countries. He's the youngest author in Predictive Numerology which was written and published at his age of 16! The success of this book initiated him to write many more books on Numerology, Astrology and allied science. His books "Question Numerology, Medical Numerology and Everyone's Physiognomy" are unique and in high demand. His accurate, sincere and impartial predictions gathered him thousands of clients across the globe.

He's the founder of International Council of Astrological & Occult Studies, A.P.Astrologers' Association, etc.

He conducted and participated in hundreds of seminars,conferences on Astrology & Allied sciences almost every city in India and in Republic of Maldives, Nepal, U.S.A, S.Korea, Bankok, Singapore, etc. The Honours and Honorary titles are too many to be mentioned.

Smt.B.Akkamambika Devi, B.A.,(1935-1996)

She's the Guru and inspiration to Prof.Buddhavarapu Jagannadha Rao and Smt.Turlapaty Pavani Devi for their success as authors as well as Fortune tellers. She got married to Prof.B.J.Rao in 1959 and since then she became the backbone to his every activity until she took her last breath on 30th of June,1996, "Guru Purnima" day.

She served as Director of Buddhavarapu Occult Academy which produced a few sincere and dedicated Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmists, Telepathists, Spiritualists, etc. She had conducted and attended so many conferences, seminars along with Prof.B.J.Rao and proved herself the best in the field of Spirituality. She was honored with "Gajarohanam" and many othe honors from the famous personalities in the field of Literature, Fine Arts, Politics, etc. "Sri Sri" Sri Karunasree, Sri Viswanatha Sathya Narayana, Sri J.Bapu Reddy, etc eminent people in the field of Literature praised her for her excellency in Poetry and Telugu Literature. She's second to none in simplicity, modesty, humanity, spirituality and Fortune telling.

Her book "The Astral Spiritual Remedies" has given a scientific as well as spiritual exposure of the spiritual remedies which can be followed by Self help.