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Hearing Tiering verses of astrology it is only from her the true knowledge and wisdom of this astro- numerological sciences has come forth. All her predictions are to the point and are really true. Call not taken and questions not answered is not her style of art. Every solution for any type of problem from her work like a miracle. A shower of blessings from her leaves tons of bliss in our life.
I have consulted Pvani Garu several times over the last ten years for several matters. Her predictions were very accurate in my case and grateful to have met her.
Smt.PAVANI Garu is an excellent human being very humble and down to earth. She is a through professional and very accurate in her calculations and predictions. The remedies she advises are always very simple and highly cost effective. i am one of among those many people who got benefitted with her predictions and suggested remedies”.
I am currently in USA, I have taken advise from PAVANI Madam in 2017 regarding our family US travel and further proceedings and the predictions were so accurate we got the VISA in 2017 and even we got the VISA Extension till 2021 which she confirmed during 2017 itself! which was truly amazing… This helped as moral support when things were uncertain, Thanks a lot!
Her predictions are very accurate and the spiritual remedies suggested by her help us to get rid of small obstacles. She has predicted well for my husband, son, daughter, son-in-law and myself. May God bless her!
I know Mrs Pavani Devi Garu of Q numerology through Face book a social web site . She is doing great service to the people who face difficulties in life. Her simple spiritual remedies and suggestions which can be implemented by the people are very happy and have peaceful life. It happened with my wife and children. She has suggested simple remedies to my wife when she is not well and my wife has followed the simple remedies and my wife is all right now. Her motto sarvojana sukhinobhavanthu is appreciable. God bless her for her selfless service.
Five years back, as a 23 yrs old guy I was not much interested and connected with these predictions. But, one day I met Ms.Paavani gaaru through a friend and later came to know that she is a numerologist. After few days, though I’m not really interested, I was pushed by my friend to give my details to Paavani gaaru for a prediction on my job. Even at that time, I was very casual about these predictions and just thrown two questions about my career and marriage. It was in august, she said that I would be getting a job between Sep – Dec. Surprisingly, I got a job offer in November 2007 on which earlier I lost my hopes and planned to leave for Bangalore. Immediately I got same experience in another situation regarding which she warned me in advance in her prediction. These examples made me to know the power of numerology and Ms. Paavani gaaru. And I’m very excited to have the guidelines from Ms. Paavani gaaru to plan my career and personal life. I took this opportunity to introduce my sisters and many of my friends to Paavani gaaru which helped for them as well. I’m very happy today to know about this website which definitely makes many people to reach her easily and got benefited through numerology.
“It has been a privilege to know Mrs Pavani Devi since 2 decades. Ever since I was in my teens I always had questionsto her about my career, marriage, life, happiness, travelling abroad, health. She always had answers to them with this science of “numerology”. Never knew that the numbers that you learnt in your kindergarden have such a magic that can predict your future till I met her. Predictions given by her have always been very accurate and they helped me and my family take better decisions. There are so many examples in my case where the predictions came 100% true. The latest of her predictions was about my husbands travel abroad, not just that she also predicted that my travel will follow 3 months later and exactly that is how it happened.Thank you for being there. We love you. Good luck to you and your family. I am so proud of u. Good luck once again!
Best Winshes, About two years ago, I felt that i was struggling with work and career. I wanted to go abroad to pursue higher education and add to my professional skills. But whenever I applied in the past, even though I was accepted into universities, I couldnt go abroad. I was surprised when you took my details and said that I would go to pursue my higher education in 2010, and it happened! Also, your guidance has helped me to be strong and positive during hard and stressful times. Thank you very much and I hope you bring positive changes in many more peoples lives as you have been doing so in the past.
I was in total despair and lost as I had missed my promotion in the year August 2010. I was introduced to you by my relative and I had talked over phone to you about my situation. YOu had consoled me and said that I will be promoted by next year i.e in Jan 2011. Yes I was promoted along with my Junior batch in March 2011 and transferred. Though this is not a surprise for me, the other part which you had stressed had come true beyond my expectation. I was made Project manager bypassing some senoir colleagues. As of now, this is really very good thing. Thank you very much for whatever you had said to me.
V V S Kumar
Dear Chiranjeevi Sowbhagyavati PavaniI knew your father late Sri B J Rao alias Swamy Ambika Jagadananda since 1990s. I initially started consulting him to clear my doubts in Astrology. He later introduced his brand of Numerology. His belief in Astrology is that there is no Ascendent. He always made predictions from MOON Sign as Ascendent. He did not believe in Divisional Charts and based his findings on Basic Rasi Chart only. His analysis of my chart and some of the persons known to me were amazingly accurate.On the top of it, his Orbital theory in numerology is his own invention. Perhaps, he was the only numerologist who used periods to determine the time of fructification of the events. Luckily for the Numerological world, you were trained by your father and are able to continue his legacy. You may recall the successful predictions you made to me in Question Numerology.I hope and trust that you would continue the Numerology predictions and bring out followers for the future generations.
Smt.Pavani has been a good friend and well wisher for our family for past few years.So it gives me great happiness to say a few words about her.People close to her already know that She is a daugther of very talented and respected parents.She has inherited their good nature and talent no doubt! Coming to my case,I had a string of miscarriages and almost had lost hope. One fine day when God blessed me with another chance to have a baby, I approached Smt.Pavani.She has done a detailed study of my case and guided me on several issues which have given me the one result I was struggling for almost six years—my baby! She is one and half years now and when I look back at the last three years among all people who helped me through those tough times, I see , the Divine Guru,my husband ,my parents and just after them is Smt Pavani. During our association ,I noticed that when she gives guidance it is purely from her heart and not with any expectations in return. She makes sure the core problem is addressed.To be guided by such a person with pure intentions ,is what is most important for any person who is seeking answers in their life.