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About Us

Having problems in your life? Or, Someone else causing problems in your life? Resolve your marriage problems by talking to our Qnumerology expert and get the remedies to get your happiness back in your life.

Mrs.T.Pavani Devi

Mrs .T.Pavani Devi, born in 1965 is a Post Graduate in Political Science. She is the youngest daughter of Prof.B.J.Rao and Smt.Akkamambika Devi who are wellknown persons in the field of Astrology, Numerology, Spiritualism, etc occult sciences. She was the Secretary, Buddhavarapu Occult Academy, Guntur, for over a decade.

She has proved herself as a brilliant Research Assistant in the Academy under the guidance of her father, and she took special in gathering all the information of every subject from Occult Research papers, and helped in bringing out them as books.