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"Optimism is the essence of life". So, try to take up your life into your hands by the following remedies based on your horoscope.

"You are the creator of your own destiny". Your decision is the ultimate; not our prediction.

Because we can only read your fate and suggest you accordingly. Inspite of human efforts if anything happens, then it is considered as "Fate". Don't give up. Try to grab the opportunities at the right time and try to avoid bad effects of numbers on your life with the guidance of a Numerologist. A doctor strives to save his patient to his level best and if the condition is out of his hands, he cannot be considered as a failure.

So is the case with a Numerologist. We will try to guide you better to lead a happy life with the knowledge of Numerology which is purely based on your numbers formed at the time of your birth and no one can alter them in a man's life time!

I can guide you better with the following remedies.

1. Wearing of Gemstones.
2. Suggesting colors
3. Suggestions or Counseling.
4. Simple remedies or prayers which may be suitable for your busy life's schedule.

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